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Dictation Can Foster Adoption of Your EMR and Revitalize Its Usage

Posted February 18, 2013 —

What can healthcare providers do to overcome the problems of EMR acceptance and realize the ROI they are expecting? The answer:  They can re-vitalize their EMR technology with dictation.

For medical practices that have already invested in a legacy EMR, they can re-introduce dictation into their physician’s workflow. This will eliminate productivity declines and utility deficiencies. Optimizing their EMR with dictation will allow healthcare providers to get the most out of the capital investments they have already made. Proven technology interfaces exist today that easily allow the addition of dictation, so providers can continue to dictate patient notes and still receive all the benefits of EMR technology.

Dictation will maximize the number of patients a provider can see in a day and increase providers’ revenue streams.  Patient care is also improved because the physician can spend more time with each patient.  The time spent on navigating screen templates and typing or clicking information into the correct boxes can be better spent interacting with patients.  The hybrid use of dictation and the EMR to document a patient encounter is the best way to eliminate paper charts and enhance the delivery of patient care.

Today’s hybrid dictation/EMR optimization technology does not just “dump unstructured information” into the EMR. These systems utilize data entry technology that allows the dictated information to be entered into the correct sections and fields, therefore, populating the EMR appropriately and avoiding the time spent searching screen templates and pointing and clicking. This also allows the dictated information to be captured appropriately in the EMR, extrapolated and used to help meet the various stages of ARRA HITECH “Meaningful Use” compliance.