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The Benefits of Transcription and EMR in the Care Delivery Process

Posted February 4, 2013 —

For many patient encounters, dictation offers avenues for physicians to provide details that can’t be captured in EMRs, which only utilize typing or point and click technologies. Physicians have always known that dictation is the superior way for them to record what is on their minds regarding their patients. It allows them to capture nuances and subtleties that cannot be communicated strictly through structured EMR fields. Other technologies such as speech recognition and the use of mHealth applications also optimize the basic EMR technology.

A significant number of physicians indicate they would like to dictate the entire medical note. This technology is available through speech or voice recognition which allows physicians to dictate the entire note via voice recognition, and then have the entire note entered into the appropriate EMR fields.

EMR optimization technologies offer a variety of dictation options to meet clients’ specific needs:

mHealth (mobile) applications can also be used with EMR/dictation optimization plans. One physician group recently developed an optimization plan for their practice management system that allowed completed documents to be automatically dropped into the appropriate fields of the EMR using an iPhone. The doctors enjoy being able to use their iPhones to both dictate and review notes, and immediately felt the impact of a further streamlined documentation process.

mHealth solutions allow physicians to use their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device to access application functions wherever they have Internet or 3G/4G access. These physicians have their patients’ schedules, dictation, document templates, and transcription history right at their fingertips. Documents created on the mobile devices can be reviewed, edited, electronically signed and integrated directly into an EMR as a narrative report or as a structured document.  mHealth solutions give physicians the tools they need to complete medical records without being tied to a work station. They can: