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Technology Platform Is Critical to Workflow

Posted March 4, 2013 —

The right platform is critical to your medical documentation workflow. It can provide the central intelligence to make sure your workflow moves smoothly and unimpeded. A good platform should handle all the transcription, transport, workflow, delivery and archival of your medical records in a continuous work stream with no ripples or waterfall hazards. Think of it as a central hub or the “brains” that coordinates the flow of medical documentation in an environment that ensures the security and privacy of patient health information. Your platform should also be easy to use and learn. An intuitive platform should support the work habits of experienced documentation professionals. The platform should also be scalable and be able to meet the needs of any size hospital or physician practice.

What Features Go into an Excellent Platform?

The best platforms will:

A good platform should be able to integrate with EMR technologies, giving providers the power of narrative notes combined with the benefits of electronic medical records.