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Dictation Can Help with “Meaningful Use” Compliance

Posted April 15, 2013 —

For medical practices that have already invested in a legacy EMR, you can re-introduce dictation into your physicians’ workflow. Eliminating productivity declines and utility deficiencies, dictation will revitalize your legacy EMR, allowing you to get the most out of your capital investment. Today, HL7 interfaces exist for the industry’s top EMRs, so you can continue to dictate patient notes and still receive all the benefits of your EMR technology. This will allow you to minimize workflow changes and eliminate physician productivity loss.

Time has proven that dictation is the most efficient means of documenting patient encounters. Using dictation with your EMR will allow you to accomplish your documentation goals without affecting physician performance. This approach will also allow you to achieve your “Meaningful Use” reimbursements. It is imperative that healthcare providers comply with the HITECH Act and “Meaningful Use” attestation guidelines without disrupting their clinicians’ workflow.

Using dictation to optimize your EMR will allow your physicians to continue to dictate while utilizing an electronic health record system. Your EMR will be automatically populated with the dictated information that would have otherwise been typed or “mouse clicked” into the EMR. Your “Meaningful Use” compliance will not be comprised, and you will have satisfied and happy physicians.