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Digital Dictation and Document Management – An Unbeatable Combination

Posted April 8, 2013 —

Digital dictation, including phone, handheld recorders, smart phone and PC dictation options, combined with superior document management capabilities create an unbeatable combination when it comes to increasing workflow productivity. Your completed reports are delivered exactly where you need them – directly to a printer, the Web, auto-fax and systematic (HL7) upload to your health information or electronic record system. Clinicians can then access these reports via smart phone, tablet or PC.

Highly-experienced transcriptionists can produce medical documentation based on your unique specifications to ensure both quality and consistency in results. Speed of turnaround is critical in the modern healthcare environment. Dictation combined with good document management technology can deliver fast turnaround of completed documents that meet your specific requirements and support your goals for quality patient care and successful revenue cycle management.

A valid document management system provides full and complete inquiry capabilities, providing up-to-the-minute, comprehensive monitoring of transcription and dictation; report search and edit; management reporting; distribution; and electronic signature for clinicians. Information security is of utmost importance. A good dictation and document management service will understand the serious responsibility involved in safeguarding patient data. It will adhere to all HIPAA and HITECH requirements. All information throughout the process will be encrypted and protected with technical and process controls.