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A Full Service Transcription Company Is the Answer to Your Documentation Challenges

Posted May 13, 2013 —

Your best solution for optimum transcription services is to select a vendor who is flexible and can provide ALL of the services you need. It is often difficult for some transcription services companies to scale up quickly when you have a rapid increase in your number of physicians and their associated dictation needs. A multi-service transcription company can also provide the expertise needed to deal with specialty physicians and other medical professionals.

Even if your needs are just for primary care physicians and their documentation requirements for improved office notes that better focus on clinical observations, vital signs and previous diagnostic tests to eliminate redundant tests, a full service transcription provider can meet these needs. These improved documentation notes will also allow your physicians to offer insights into items necessary for further testing and specialist care. In addition, more and more insurance companies are requiring additional justification to authorize referrals to specialists and approvals for certain medications, medical aids and testing procedures.

Reducing time from dictation of the office visit note to actually receiving the transcription is also of utmost importance. If you have a large number of physicians, managing their dictation workflow to prevent delivery delays or missed dictation can be an enormous challenge. A full service transcription provider can offer end-to-end management of your entire transcription process.

In addition to providing more reliability in the timeliness of receiving your completed transcriptions, a multi-service vendor can provided a high level of accuracy. This is important because the information included in your transcription is a historical record that is often also shared with other medical professionals who are testing, diagnosing and treating their patients. Accurate transcription by knowledgeable transcriptionists is additionally important because medical terminology, especially prescription names, change very rapidly.

The best way to alleviate your worries and overcome your transcription challenges it to employ a full service company that can address ALL of your transcription issues. They will be able to improve your workflow and reduce costs for your hospital and associated physician practices by helping create, store and share clinical documentation in an electronic format. In addition to providing high quality, end-to-end transcription services, a full service company will offer complete document management, speech recognition and EMR optimization services.