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Are Your In-house Transcriptions Working Hard, But Still Falling Behind?

Posted May 27, 2013 —

Even though your in-house transcriptionists may be working hard and be very good at their jobs, sometimes it is just difficult for them to keep up with your workload. When you need to get your dictation transcripts back quickly, and everyone is working to capacity, it may be time to call in a professional transcription service that can provide the extra capacity you need.

A professional, full service transcription company can improve your workflow and reduce your costs. They will have the experience and a proven record of providing clients with complete, high quality, end-to-end transcription services. They can also fill in the gaps for vacations or when your work load is just too large for your staff to handle. No assignment for most professional transcription companies is too large or too small.

A full service company’s transcriptionists will be much more than just typists. They will be medical language specialists, trained to produce patient notes that are timely, accurate, and legible. Their MTs will have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, pharmacology and physiology and be able to edit documents as they type. They will also be able to listen for dictation errors such as invalid lab values or left/right discrepancies, and flag errors for correction before they become a permanent part of the patient record. Professional transcription companies can produce documents that are extremely accurate and reflect the professionalism of your hospital or physician practice. They will also offer a variety of dictation options to meet your specific needs: