Case Study: Heartland Health Care Clinic

Heartland Health Care Clinic Enjoys Significantly Reduced Transcription Turnaround Time with Transcription Unlimited

Heartland Health Care Clinic


Heartland Health Care Clinic

Solution Delivered

High quality, end-to-end transcription services with rapid turnaround

Key Metrics

  • Located in Abilene, Kansas
  • Affiliate of Memorial Health System


  • Reduced transcription turnaround time
  • Increased physician satisfaction
  • Improved workflow

Memorial Hospital in Abilene, Kansas opened its doors in 1922 as the Dickinson County Hospital Company. However, its ownership was given in 1959 to the Hospital District No. 1 of Dickinson County, Kansas, and it remains that way today. Memorial Health System was formed in February 2003 to encompass all affiliates of Memorial Hospital in Abilene, and in 2011, the health system began construction on a new building for inpatient and outpatient services, including renovation of the current facility into office space for physician clinics.

One of Memorial Health System’s affiliates, Heartland Health Care Clinic, serves the healthcare needs of families in and close to Abilene, Kansas. The clinic specializes in family medicine and also offers sick and well pediatric care, women’s health services, acute and geriatric care, immunizations, general surgery and other family medicine services.


Though Heartland’s in-house transcriptionist was very good at her job, it was hard for her to keep up with the clinic’s workload. The clinic needs to get its dictation transcripts back quickly, especially if one of its physician assistants or nurse practitioners has to follow up with another physician. Once Heartland found out its in-house transcriptionist was leaving, the clinic decided to use another method for its transcriptions.


The clinic’s clinical manager had heard positive comments about Transcription Unlimited (TUI), which improves workflow and reduces costs for hospitals and physician practices by helping them create, store and share clinical documentation in an electronic format. In addition to the company’s proven, high quality, end-to-end transcription services, they offer complete document management, speech recognition and EMR optimization services.

“We were familiar with TUI’s service, and their price was very reasonable,” explained Sue Cox, Office Assistant. “Their service is very smooth, and they’re very good to work with, so everything transitioned over beautifully.”


 The biggest advantage Heartland has noticed from working with TUI is the significantly improved turnaround time. TUI’s response time is within 24 hours, sometimes even less, which has increased physician satisfaction at the clinic. In addition, TUI is very responsive to any urgent requests from Heartland.

“The turnaround time with TUI is phenomenal, and that has made a big difference for us,” remarked Cox. “Our physicians are extremely happy with TUI, and I would recommend the company to my peers in the healthcare industry. They’re fantastic – we think they’re wonderful.”