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Transcription Unlimited, Inc. Expands Service Offerings to Better Serve Clients

Transcription Unlimited, Inc., a company that improves the workflow and reduces costs for hospitals and physician practices by helping them create, store and share clinical documentation in an electronic format, announced recently they have significantly expanded the services they offer to clients. In addition to the company’s proven, high quality, end-to-end transcription services, they now offer complete document management, speech recognition and EMR optimization services.

The company’s new documentation management solutions provide clients with a complete range of high quality services that can be customized to meet each client’s specific workflows. TUI’s web-based document management platform sets the industry standard for creating, storing and sharing clinical documentation from any internet-enabled device. The new service allows clients to dictate by telephone, handheld digital voice recorder (DVR), headset and PC, or use front-end speech recognition.

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