Document Management Solutions to Meet YOUR Specific Needs

TUI’s web-based platform sets the industry standard for creating, storing and sharing clinical documentation from any internet-enabled device. We’ve worked with multiple hospitals and medical practices to create workflows specific to their needs. And, we can design a solution to meet your unique needs that will allow you to dictate by telephone, handheld digital voice recorder (DVR), headset and PC, or front-end speech recognition.

We will transcribe or edit your notes with 98%+ accuracy and tag narrative notes for coding, PQRI reporting and EMR integration. You can then approve your documentation online using options such as e-Signature and batch approval.

Your documents will then be delivered and routed automatically to any locations/offices, fax machines, even printer trays that you choose. We can also import narrative notes and discrete data directly into your EMR.

You have complete, secure access to your documents from any PC or smart phone with internet access, and you can view summary patient charts with our exclusive Patient Viewer. All access to your documents is tracked in complete compliance with all HIPAA regulations.